Why is GOVERNsme a Business Catalyst?

GOVERNsme's GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) platform significantly enhances operational and business efficiency for companies. It allows management to maintain a single-minded focus on the core business activities while entrusting non-core yet integral aspects to highly qualified and experienced professionals in their respective domains. A well-managed company with a robust ethics and governance system effectively mitigates legal and regulatory risks. Stakeholders such as PE funds, Venture Funds, and lending institutions derive immense comfort knowing the level of diligence in governance, reducing the risks associated with their investments or loans to the company.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) practices are guided by the size of the firm, its structure, ownership and business priorities. For smaller sized firms that are predominantly family owned, corporate governance often may become a handicap. Also, Risk Management for SME's has become one of the most important criteria for good governance. Regulatory risks, market risks, credit risks, reputation risks are some of the risks that stare at SMEs.

As companies expand, diversify, and embark upon organic or inorganic growth, there emerges a corresponding need for equity capital and long term debt from the market. Lack of transparency on the management of most small and mid-size and unlisted corporates jeopardizes the investing and lending institutions. Consequently, these institutions shy away from funding such unlisted companies.GOVERNsme, a unique and comprehensive shared GRC PLATFORM for small and mid-size companies, a first of its kind ever in India, seeks to break this vicious cycle.

Adoption of a GRC framework by small and mid-size companies in India is indispensable for taking this sector into a higher growth trajectory. Weak GRC practices of small firms burdened further with a dearth of availability of crucial advice and counseling has made these firms extremely vulnerable to regulatory actions and penalties. However, most SMEs cannot afford the burden and cost of implementing complex systems and processes for legal compliance management, and the best and easy way is to adopt a shared SME compliance outsourcing platform. The ISO certified systems and process implemented by the GOVERNsme platform come in handy for the SMEs.

The culture of good governance is not confined to GRC alone, but encompasses the Finance and HR functions too. Hence efficient management of Finance and HR functions also contribute to addressing the interest of all stake holders including investors, lenders, vendors and clients.

Finteglaw Knowledge Solutions Private Limited, the promoters of GOVERNsme GRC Platform owns technology based solutions to achieve very high standards in Board Governance, Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance. Team GOVERNsme comprises of qualified Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants and Lawyers and is fully equipped for all types of regulatory filings including company incorporation, tax filings, MCA form registrations and labour law filings. We at Finteglaw believe that GRC and Finance are integral parts of the governance mechanism, and that they are inter-dependent. The thrust areas of services are Technology Based GRC management, Outsourcing of Legal Services, Risk Advisory, Legal Due Diligence, Structured Audits and CFO Services. Finteglaw seeks to establish a clear governance model around the knowledge based outsourcing initiatives. In terms of ListingCompliance, SMEs have been benefitted by Finteglaw’s handholding for listing on SME Platforms of BSE and NSE.

Our Techno-legal team has demonstrated excellence in the use of technology through its futuristic GOVERNsme GRC Platform comprising GRC solution “eGavel SME”, Board Governance software "eGavel Board", and virtual back office for corporate compliance “e-Corpora – cLaw”. These have enabled and empowered Finteglaw to establish a GRC PLATFORM for the SME sector in India, more specifically targeted at the Corporate SME clientele of Venture Funds and Lending Institutions. GOVERNsme GRC Platform looks forward to deliver a complete GRC outsourcing suite to small and mid size clients in specific and all corporate bodies in general. The platform enables small and mid-size clients obviate the painful process of GRC management and give 100% time and energy to the business and its development.