Why Us


Do you have enough time to manage both your businesses and legal / statutory/ regulatory matters like filing of tax returns, accounts management, company law forms, GST, pay roll processing, etc.?

If you have the time, then you are not focused on business.
If you don’t have time, then you are devoting less time to productive business.

Do you have PE/VC ot other institutional investment in your company, and are you finding it difficult to provide transparency to them?

You need to tone up Governance, Risk and Compliances (GRC) management and leave it to the expert professionals to manage your GRC and back office.

Advantages of GOVERNsme


Companies using GOVERNsme platform by outsourcing its non core activities can improve its efficiency in its main core business areas which will effectively help not only in considerably reducing operating cost but also enhancing their efficiency through the technology and quality controlled processes of GOVERNsme. A properly managed company with sound ethics and Governance system obviates legal and regulatory risks. The stakeholders like PE funds, Venture Funds and lending institutions draw a huge comfort in terms of the money they have invested in / lent to the company.

Many times due various business pressures, companies fail to comply with the requirements of laws within the stipulated time, leading to monetary penalties, legal proceedings and sometimes prosecution. These non-compliances, apart from disrupting business adversely affect the goodwill and image of the company in the market as well as with its customers. With the help of GOVERNsme, all such risks are minimized.

GOVERNsme is a world class integrated technology enabled cloud based “Governance, Risk & Compliance” (GRC) Platform. The platform provides you with all the back end requirements of a well governed corporate entity – standardized processes with ISO certification, automated compliance alerts, prompt filing of forms and returns with government authorities, enforcement of internal policies, maintenance of all statutory records for audit purposes, automated online board meetings and compliance with Board governance requirements. The risks compliance and legal associated with businesses are automatically mitigated through these strong processes.

A panel of domain experts like Income Tax and GST practitioners, SEBI, IRDA, RBI and other compliance specialists, labour law experts and a host of other experts work for this platform on an aggregator model, and the client gets the best inputs at the best possible professional fee.

What do we do?

We handhold Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) right from incorporation to the management of all compliances with Corporate laws, Labour Laws, Income Tax law GST Laws. Our automated software based execution of compliance are subject to standardized processes that will confine to stringent quality standards, maker checker system and expert supervision.

To support the aforesaid execution we also offer payroll services, CFO services including accounts maintenance and finalisation and audit of financial statement by independent auditors. We also prepare project reports, arrange short and long term funding as well as private equity by preparing pitch documents for our clients.

We help and assist our clients conduct professional Board e-meetings on our eGavel Board platform, where each director and invitee can sit his own office and yet attend the meetings, thereby saving considerable cost for the client.

Our virtual back office will provide the clients a unique experience of comfort and professionalism. All these technology enabled services result in a high level of Corporate Governance and Risk containment measures.

How Does GOVERNsme work ?

There are 3 cloud based independent products that we offer on GOVERNsme. The client company can chose any product that suits their requirements.

eGavel SME is provides an alert mechanism for all statutory compliances with Company Law, Labour laws, and Taxation laws. These are common to all companies in the SME sector. However, any other specific laws as may be applicable to specified clients like stock brokers, insurance brokers etc., can be easily included in the alert mechanism. The compliance dashboard enables the client to monitor the stats of compliance and the evidences of compliance executed by us. The same also enables verification and audit by independent auditors. Several types of MIS can be generated from this system

eGavel Board is a completely automated paperless Board Governance suite. This ensures complete Board governance and makes paperless and virtual meetings happen in a seamless manner. All Board governance reports and related matters can be generated from this system. We do provide assisted meeting facility for those companies that do not have a support team for board governance.

eCorpora DMS is a cloud based document management system to save and store all compliance documents and other related files, properly indexed and arranged systematically. This serves as a virtual back office for the client.