eGavel SME

Automated GRC Solution

GOVERNsme GRC platform enhances the operational and business efficiency of companies because it enables the management to have single minded focus on its core business. All the non-core but integral and important to the business are handled by highly qualified and experienced professionals of respective domain. A properly managed company with sound ethics and Governance system obviates legal and regulatory risks. The stakeholders like PE funds, Venture Funds and lending institutions draw a huge comfort in terms of the money they have invested in / lent to the company.

eGavel SME is a Governance, Risk & Compliance software tailor made for small and meid size companies, who do not have their own compliance management systems for centralized monitoring. Compliance mechanism with respect to all laws that are applicable to small and mid-size companies, such as Company Law, Direct and Indirect Tax Laws, and Labour laws are included in this software. The Any other law specifically applicable to any particular industry will be included based on the requirement of the company. Calendar based and event based compliance alerts are generated by the software and the concerned employee is alerted through email. Once the task is completed, the same gets recorded in the system and periodic reports are generated by the system. Escalation mechanism for non-compliance on time is another feature of the software. The system also facilitates audit of all compliance on a periodic basis.

Apart from the Board of Directors, the investors and lenders to the companies using this software will have a comfort that there are adequate mechanisms to ensure compliance with regulatory norms.

eGavel Board

Board Governance Software

"eGavel Board" is a premium board governance software  (not a mere board meeting software), This is another product offered by GOVENRsme GRC platform. eGavel Board is a total e-solution for Board Governance, Board Management, Board related compliances including scheduling of meetings and video conferencing in compliance with Companies Act 2013. eGavel Board causes the enterprise to be governance oriented, clean, and free from regulatory issues. The Board decisions are effectively percolated to the next layer for effective implementation. It gives total comfort to the Board of Directors and the top management in terms of Board Governance and related compliance.

The Board of Directors, the investors and lenders to the companies using this software will have a comfort that board meetings are held regularly and that the proceedings are properly recorded. The representatives of the investing intuitions (AIFs, PE Funds etc.) can also participate in these Board meetings without any hassle.

eCorpora DMS

eCorpora DMS is an economical “Virtual Data Room Service” provided through GOVERNsme platform. This can be easily be used by any company to store its corporate records and documents that are of legal, regulatory and statutory nature, for easy reference, access and retrieval.

Audit and due diligence on these documents are made easy by providing log-in access to the firm performing audit or due diligence. With investments, mergers and acquisitions becoming more common in the Indian SME sector, the eCorpora DMS will be a very cost effective utility for many companies. This will also be very handy, for companies proposing to come up with a SME IPO, for uploading all the corporate records for due diligence by the Merchant Banker.