Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Adoption of a corporate governance framework by small and mid-size companies in India is indispensable for taking the SME sector into a higher growth trajectory. Weak corporate GRC infrastructure of small firms, burdened further with a dearth of availability of crucial advice and counselling has made these firms vulnerable to multiple regulatory actions and penalties. The culture of good governance encompasses all corporate functions including Sales, Marketing, Finance, and HR. Hence efficient management of these functions also contributes to addressing the interest of all stakeholders including investors, lenders, vendors, and clients.

GOVERNsme is a technology platform owned by FINTEGLAW KNOWLEDGE SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED (Finteglaw), that enables small and mid-sized entities to achieve very high standards in GRC, especially statutory and regulatory compliances and board governance. The platform also addresses risks, ensures that the remedial measures are properly implemented, and attended to on a regular basis. Finteglaw possesses a wealth of expertise and domain competence in establishing governance mechanisms, enabling transparent disclosures, providing efficient compliance processes, and above all educating the stakeholders on the advantages of being a well-governed entity.

Attn: AIFs/PE/VCFunds - The platform will be very useful for those companies that have institutional investments, especially AIF, PE & VC Funds, whereby the investing institution can remotely monitor the GRC processes and systems in their investee companies and ensure that the investee company is free from any regulatory penalties.